Business owners I wanna talk to you about something that really matters in 2017. And what is that, it’s social media marketing hold on what is social media marketing social media marketing is marketing your product your service your business to people on a social platform like Facebook like Instagram like Twitter like Snapchat right why is this important to your business because would it not be logical if somewhere had millions of customers attention and you put your advertising or you put your business in front of them yeah that’s right it’s very important why because Facebook now has 15 million active monthly users in Australia alone now and and and an Instagram has two million active monthly users in Australia as well so would it not be logical if there was a platform that had your customers’ attention where you could specifically specifically market to your ideal customer and then generate business sounds pretty logical sounds like a good thing right because you can do it on Facebook on Facebook you can target say your target audience of people who are most likely to buy your product live in the southside of Brisbane and they’re females age 35-45 and you targeted just those people imagine how many more customers you would have rather than putting up a billboard or or or or putting signage up somewhere you could specifically target to people who you know are most likely to buy or use your product and service and and that’s the thing is most people don’t realize how powerful these social media marketing the social  media platforms are for actually marketing on and that’s exactly why I have taken time out from my traditional business my other business and put time into building a social media marketing business because I realize a lot of businesses need help on building native content on Facebook so they can get their business out there help them make more money and help them maximize their time and energy spent on their marketing and maximize their marketing campaigns so the thing is guys is that you’ve got to go social you’ve got to get your social media sorted because that is where everybody’s attention is you’ve really really really like honestly guys as a business owner you’ve really got to invest in it you’ve got to make it happen you’ve got to make it work and you’ve got to use the right content a lot of lot of times I see business owners thinking that something that worked in the paper is going to work on social media it doesn’t you’ve got to build but what I said before native native content and that’s content which is relevant to the platform so that’s why I help businesses build native content for platforms and help them actually reach their target audience so then they can have more generating business more money so guys that’s what a little bit I wanna tell you about because I want people to get it right in 2017 because I’ve seen so many businesses do it wrong so guys get it right if you want to reach out to me if you want some free tips if you want me to come into your business and do a little bit of consulting session let me know I am happy to help I will leave my details at the end here.