Now this is a universal law and will work across every platform (some better then others)

Its not time management Its not cash flow
Its not Talent Acquisition

The number 1 biggest issue is: Obscurity!
Not enough people know who you are.

Imagine if every person in your City knew the following 3 things about you:
1. Who you are.
2. What your business does.
3. And how your business can help/Improve their life/business

You think about it, how big would your business be If 1, 2, 5, 50, 100 Million people just knew those 3 things about your business?
Would you be in abundance?
Would you be the “go to” whenever needed?

Would cash flow, time management and Talent Acquisition follow that? The answer is Yes, yes and yes.

If you have a correctly articulated message that clearly outlines how you can solve people’s problems, the people will come in droves and pay you the fair price.

Its about the frequency and the consistency of your message: what you do and how you can improve the consumers life.

The next issue then, is communicate your business’s brand message. This is where you want to hit on the 5 key desires that every human being has.
We want:
1. More Time
2. More Money
3. More Love
4. More Health
5. And to move away from fear/risk.

So you want to try and hit on at least 2-3 of these 5 key desires.

So, let me give you some real life examples of products/services you may use everyday:

Uber: Saves Time and Money
An apple watch: Health and Time
Google: Saves Time and Money
Quickbooks or Zero Accounting program: Minimises Risk, Saves Time and Money
Netflix: Brings you Together With Loved Ones, Saves Time and Money

There are many highly successful companies out there that have a brand message that communicates 2-3 of the 5 key desires.

So what can you learn from this?
To conquer obscurity you must hit the market hard with the frequency and consistency of a message that articulates; what you do and how you can help whilst solving 2-3 of the main key desires of human beings.

So if you would like help with articulating your message on the right platforms, gaining exposure to the market place and having the frequency and consistency needed so you are top of the consumers mind. Click here and get in contact with us today!