If you have not got the right digital infrastructure, advertising is about to get a whole lot more expensive in the coming months. Why? Because Facebook is about to start penalising businesses for having non optimised websites. What is an optimised website you ask? An optimised website is a website that is fast and functional on mobile.

Facebook isn’t the first platform to start penalising websites for speed and functionality. Google has been penalising websites since mid 2016, however over time this grading will get more aggressive.

The reason why Facebook and Google are doing this is because if you are advertising on facebook and your website takes a long time to load users are more likely to click out of facebook or google and stop utilising the applications.

However the selfishness of Facebook and Google is in fact positive for the internet. As our lives get busier and busier we want a fast and functional way of living and guess what… If you’re not going to adhere to what people desire in life and business, people will stop utilising your businesses services.

So, with all of this said, what are some actionable steps you can do to prevent over paying for online advertising?

1. Ensure your website is mobile optimised;
2. Ensure your images are optimised (shrink the file size, not the image) on your website; 3. Test the load time of your website.

With all of this said, the cost is nothing compared to the ~53% of potential customers that are currently clicking off your website if it is taking longer then 3 seconds to load.

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