This article is about leveraging Social Media to become the go to agent within the community.

The thing is in real estate if you want to become highly successful you must be a walking- talking- promoting machine and what matters most is prospecting within the area, closing new listings and closing sales.

Social media is a tool to amplify you, your brand and your unique value you bring to the community. (We have an article Here regarding the biggest problem when starting out).

Number 1 biggest problem is obscurity, not enough people know YOU!

Here are 10 ways that we utilise social media with our real estate clients in Brisbane, that you can utilise too;

    1. Have a public Facebook page so that you are visible online. Having a page costs nothing to set up, make it look professional with a photo of yourself as the profile picture and a Banner photo of the agency.(Your public image matters.).
    2. Create a basic Instagram with nice photos of yourself and the properties you list (Not your damn cat). (This allows potential buyers to tag their friends/partners in your posts).
    3. Have a basic so that professionals can view your contact details and work history. (Professionals like to see that they’re dealing with a professional).
    4. Add at least 2-3 Photos to your Facebook page each week. (Shows that you are staying relevant and active)
    5. Share valuable insights about the community on your Facebook page, It proves that you know what you are talking about and you become a source for information (Gives you Trust and credibility)

6.Post pictures of your sold stickers and happy buyers/sellers. Social proof sells! – I’m sure you’ve had a friend tell you about a restaurant, and you have gone. The same principal works in real estate. We trust others judgement. (Hence why rate my agent is so big)

7.When you post a photo on Instagram ensure you add the geolocation and hashtags relevant to your area. (This allows other people on Instagram in your area to view your photo/s).

  1. Do a weekly live stream on your public Facebook page to provide value to the community. It is 2017 now and people like to see your value. (Business is very much dictated by the value that you bring to the marketplace).
  2. Write valuable blog posts about local events and town plans. If they are good other businesses and people within the area will share your posts out to their followers. (Gives you credibility from 3rd parties when they share).
  3. 10. Utilise Facebook and Instagram Ads. Facebook and Instagram ads are VERY powerful. Now, I’m not talking about a Boosting your post. I’m talking about correctly targeted and retargeted ads with your target markets; age, location and income as a minimum. Then segregating your CRM data to create custom audiences on Facebook so that you have Facebook doing part of your follow up and qualification for you.

So to summarise, you want to be utilising Facebook Business Pages, Instagram and Linkedin so that you can utilise social networking because current methods of print media is linear marketing. I cannot share a letter in my mailbox, However I can share a Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram post.

If your consistent with providing high levels of value to the community you will always win.

Frequency x Consistency x Value = Client flow.

If you would like to ensure you become the known agent/agency within your area, we have developed a program specific for real estate agents/ agencies, called the ONLINE ACCELERATOR PACKAGE. In this program we do the heavy lifting for you, we take care of of the posting, ad creation and build you a tailored strategy to dominate your area online. Bringing you more brand awareness = more inquiries = more viewings and more listings. So you as an agent/agency can focus on what you do best; building relationships, negotiating and closing. Contact us today!