The Biggest Problem When Starting Up Any Business

Now this is a universal law and will work across every platform (some better then others) Its not time management Its not cash flow Its not Talent Acquisition The number 1 biggest issue is: Obscurity! Not enough people know who you are. Imagine if every person in your...

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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

  Business owners I wanna talk to you about something that really matters in 2017. And what is that, it’s social media marketing hold on what is social media marketing social media marketing is marketing your product...

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Corporate To Small Business Start-Ups

Quitting from corporate to small business start-up started for Victoria Stuart when she got a call about her son who wasn’t breathing properly. She was traveling to Melbourne then to work. His son ended up having to go to the hospital. She felt she wasn’t there for...

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What SMEs Got To Do When Social Media Accounts Are Hacked

It can be dreadfully damaging to your business reputation and relationship with the public if your social media accounts are hacked. But even so, it’s essential to let people be aware that your social media’s been hacked. Mostly, put together your accounts and...

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