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VR Social Solutions was founded by Vaughn Royer in 2016. Vaughn discovered his passion for educating business owners on how their businesses can grow and take advantage of available technology.

The main issue we found was the way that the public consumes information and the way information is being marketed to the public is completely different. Most businesses are using marketing tactics that are 10, 20 or even 30 years old.

We are in a day and age where we live off our mobile phone, and quite literally depend on them for every day living. For business owners, this means that if you are not marketing to your consumers on mobile phone accessible mediums and through the Internet, you’re behind. Your business is dying and competitors are taking your customers as well as potential customers. Businesses are spending thousands of dollars on billboards and television advertising, however when consumers walk past a billboard they are looking down at their phone or when advertisements show on the television, people are checking their social media. The beautiful thing is, when you know where your ideal customer/ client spends most of their time, it enables you to market directly to them. This saves you time, creates you more revenue and ultimately better directed leads.

With all this said, it is VR Social Solution’s mission to help, guide and assist as many business owners as possible to go digital, make their mark and grow their business.

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